When pets become too sick to be cared for properly on an out- patient basis, our clinic can provide a cost friendly option of hospitalization. Pets are also hospitalized while they recuperate from surgery. For these patients, Dr. Haggerty and staff will recommend hospitalization for in-patient care.

Hospitalization enables us to provide the following:

General Hospitalization

Our hospital offers hospitalization services. Hospitalization involves admitting your pet into the hospital for monitoring or necessary medical care. Your pet will have its own cage or kennel within the hospital building and will be monitored closely by technicians and veterinarians throughout their stay. Your pet will receive medical treatments (such as medications, fluid therapy, and physical therapy) as directed by your veterinarian.
Ask your veterinarian about the best time to call each day to receive an update on your pet. Once your veterinarian determines your pet is well enough to go home, you may be given verbal and written follow-up instructions to continue at home.

Hospitalization Isolation Ward

Our hospital maintains an isolated area to prevent the spread of contagious disease from potentially infectious patients to others in the hospital.
These procedures include the appropriate use of disinfectants, the proper disposal of infectious materials, and the wearing of disposable gloves, boots, masks, and gowns while handling infectious patients.

All these measures are meant to keep our patients and staff healthy. Please contact our staff if you have questions about isolation procedures.
If you have any questions regarding our hospitalization services, ask one of our veterinarians or staff members and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.