Marina has an in-house digital radiology department. Meaning we don’t have to refer you to another clinic to have X-Rays taken, making it more convenient and less costly. Within moments, the doctor examining your pet will be able to review the radiographs and discuss any findings.

Radiographs are used to diagnose common issues like broken bones or bladder stones, as well as foreign bodies, such as dogs that ingest rocks, or cats that eat ear plugs. (Yes, we’ve seen both).

Older radiographs used to take more time to develop, and required harmful chemicals. Whereas, now we can see what’s wrong with your pet instantly on the screen or any mobile device. The images can also be shared digitally via email if necessary. When compared to film radiography, digital radiography images are much more clear, take less time to produce, and require significantly less radiation, making them a safer choice for pets.