“Marina Animal Clinic : You all have been my clinic of choice for the last 15 years. I have had several occasions to visit your clinic for the needs of my pets. I have always been impressed with the efficiency, care, friendliness and economy of your facility. I have sadly had the occasion to allow my pet dignity and spare them from further suffering during a frantic, gut wrenching visit and you all made this event much more bearable and did everything you could for my pet. You stay open late just for these kind of emergent visits and it is much appreciated.”
-MikeandReggie G., Facebook

“Marina Animal Clinic has a lot of caring people working there. I boarded my brother’s cat there for a couple of weeks and they were so good with her. I take all of our pets there for treatment. I also feel their prices are very reasonable. And what is the price for the love of animals that they show?”
-Art M., Google

“Finding an open vet on Sunday can be challenging. Marina Animal clinic was not only open but fully staffed. The staff was courteous and attentive. We brought an ill bunny and felt confident they knew what to do for him. I highly recommend our new vet.”
-Eddie H., Yelp

“Best clinic in town! They really care about animals! They fixed up mine.”
-Adrienne M., Facebook

“My dog was scheduled for tumor removal and I was mentally preparing myself for the worst scenarios (cancer, chemotherapy, etc.). However, Dr. Dixon requested a lab analysis of the tumor and discovered that it is actually an infection. Although my dog still needs time for healing, I am very happy that she was proactive and prevented an unnecessary surgery. The road to recovery looks much brighter now. Thank you Dr. Dixon and Marina Animal Clinic for healing my dog Heisenberg!”
-Adam S., Google

“I absolutely love them!  Everyone is so caring and they work weekends which seems to be when I need s vet most!”
-Keeley M., Yelp

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We had a good experience. Wasn’t as expensive as I was thinking it would be. The vet was very good with my Lizzie. She must be a cat whisperer!
-Carment G., Facebook

“First time I’ve visited Marina Animal Clinic; my regular vet was closed. However, I will probably be bringing all my felines to Marina since it is much more convenient, and the staff and vet were wonderful. Turned out that my cat didn’t have a major problem, but I was glad I was able to get in in less than 30 minutes of my initial phone call.”
-Ginny Y., Google

“I have taken my baby’s to Marina Animal Hospital for almost 20 yrs. That’s how long we have been in this area. During this time I have had 4 different dogs. 2 were older and i lost them and now I have two, a Toy poodle and a Maltise and I don’t think there is anyplace else that
I could go that treats them any better.  Their service is excellent and they have such compassion for your pet and you.  They will take time to talk to you and give you advice. They have saved me money because there are some medicines you can get over the counter and not have to buy them there as a prescription.  It’s a long ways for me to take them because I live west of Glenpool but, they are worth the drive.  I would recommend them to anyone that loves their pet.  Their hrs. are fantastic and prices are very reasonable.  I’m very thankful for them and their services and caring.  Thank you Marina!!!!!”
-Beverleigh H., Yelp

“I recommend a lot here I carry my cats and always give them very good attention and care thank you for your staff so kind we always explain the best way to take care of our children ??
-Rosa A., Facebook

“They take such good care of my 2 rabbits and guinea pig. They even make sure they get their own quiet room. You know, bunny nervousness and all. Love Dr. Simmons ?”
-Sarah C., Google

“I will say that the vet clinic is one of the most helpful clinics that I have dealt with in a long time.  Their employees are always nice, and the vets seem to care a lot about the well being of your pet.  Recently, Dr. Miller and Dr. Becker went out of their way to take care of my beloved cat, but in the end it was difficult choice.   Anyways, it can get a bit busy at times (being a walk in clinic), but I have come to trust their judgment and professional courtesy so I am willing to put up with the loud barking, hissing, and typical animal sounds.  If I had a concern with anyone or anything, it was addressed immediately by management.   I have been going to them off/on for about 20 years, but I am a regular now taking all of my animals to their clinic.  I personally don’t exactly like the neighborhood they are in, but that does not stop me from going. Lastly, their prices are pretty competitive with the other vets that I have visited, but if price is an issue, you can apply for a credit card called “CareCredit” and that helped me in times of need in between paydays.”
-William R., Yelp